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Destiny Group

Thanks for clicking!  This is a brand new group with curriculum written and designed by Ps. Misty Benson.   All of our Destiny Groups have 3 main objectives:  1.  Connect deeply as family  2.  Disciple one another  3.  Raise up leaders  4.  Reach our sphere for Jesus!  But this Destiny Group takes on an additional focus.  FREEDOM!  Find out below how we accomplish these objectives. 

Freedom group

The moment we are saved we step into the responsibility of living free from sin and unto the right ways of God (righteousness).  And while that sounds beautiful, for most of us, we find ourselves tripping into sin, dealing with relationship pain, fears, old patterns, broken mindsets/beliefs and confusion. When the “responsibility of freedom” begins to feel overwhelming, we either settle into slavery (sin) again or we try to simply hide the brokenness the best we can, but we never really seem to find true freedom from the old paths that we used to walk.

The path to freedom feels hidden, elusive, out of grasp… and simply, impossible.

Here is the good news! God never sets us up to fail! Over the next several weeks we are going to show you how the Word of God equips you, as a believer, to walk in the right ways of Christ. We will begin to see that at salvation He deposited in us all the tools we needed to find the path to freedom.  We will show you the basic tools of Christianity and how they are used to keep you steadily moving forward on Freedom’s Path.  Bottom line:  You are going to be set free!  Groups all start in January and disband just before we hit the busy holiday season in October.  By the time you reach October, you are going to be so connected and part of this family, you won't know what to do with yourself!  It's going to be awesome!  Sign up below. 


Location:  The Arwood home.  

6:30-8:30 Thursdays

Starting January 19th

Cost:  $25 

Sign up HERE! 

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