Core Values



People are valuable

People are powerful & responsible for themselves & their messes

Restoration & healing is the goal for the fallen

Celebrating the Jesus in someone even when they aren’t perfect



 He is worthy

 Living a lifestyle of worship

 Respectful, but uninhibited atmosphere

 Cultivating passion for God

 Creating an atmosphere of connection



 Doing everything as for the Lord

Shooting for the best.  Not settling for mediocre.

Always striving to improve and to learn

 Pursuing continual self-improvement



Not wearing a façade, but being real

Being willing to ask for help

Being open with senior leadership about issues

Keeping short accounts with each other

Intentional communication

Being unoffendable

Walking in grace


Father and Daughter with Sparkler

Father Heart of God

God is good, and His goodness is naturally discernible       

He is for us

We are sons and daughters and have full uninhibited access to Father God



Investing in relationship

Taking ownership of the church and the needs

We are in this together

None are independent


Partnering with other churches

Bringing Heaven to Earth

Apostolic view of ministry

Bringing God’s kingdom influence to every sphere of society




Desire and intentionality to cultivate an atmosphere of presence at Harvest and in our homes.

The Holy Spirit isn’t the step child of the trinity.  He is Lord.

Making decisions from His presence and not necessarily just by use of our brains

Maintaining an atmosphere centered on God

Finding the river and being willing to jettison good plans to be led by Holy Spirit

Revival Lifestyle

Healing is for today and all believers can do it

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today and the offices have not ceased

Cultivating continual sensitivity to God

Obedience at all cost

Cultivating God centered families and presence centered homes

Pressing in for the more of God

Creating a culture that naturally engages outside these 4 walls

Applying what we learn/practice on Sundays

Prophetic  culture

running up staris

All Sufficiency of the Cross

Jesus paid for everything

The second Adam restored all that was lost, barring physical death

The cross brings us victory in every area