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Destiny Groups


Destiny Groups are your pathway to family, connection, discipleship, & empowerment here at Harvest.  If you are wondering how to plug in deeper and get connected with others, this is it!  Each group listed below meets at an off campus location, and focuses on  developing one's calling, discipling in Kingdom culture, and activating you for Christian service.   Groups run from January - September, but you can jump in any time!

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Kingdom Connection

Knowing Jesus- You are invited to join us as we discover and unwrap John's perspective, revelations, and applications of knowing Jesus. 


It is our hope that by studying the New Testament book of John, you will grow in your understanding and love of Jesus, our King, and become next level equipped to spread His light in your sphere of influence. 

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Did you know that you are a steward of this gift of life?  That's right.  We have been bought with a price, making everything we are, everything we do, and everything we own an act of stewarding God's stuff.  So how are you doing?  Join Paul & Marie Duryee and begin the journey of biblical stewardship.  

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This group is all about reaching the lost and teaching the ways of God.  If you are hungry for seeing people saved or would like a jump start in this area, this is the group for you.

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The Poehlmanns  lead this unique group, which meets at 6:30-8:30, Thursdays.  This group is designed to bring you into a depth of wholeness that you never thought possible.

This group is now closed.  Please explore the other available group options. 

Freedom Group

Can't find a group?  Join us for our monthly gathering.  The Gathering is your first point of connection with us here at Harvest.  Come have fun with us and get your questions answered at the same time.  Come as much as you want!


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Are the groups full?  Click the link below to be put onto a waiting list.  Sometimes spots open up.  

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Groups are all closed until next year

Reaching & Teaching

Kingdom Stewardship

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