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Destiny Group

Thanks for clicking!  This is a brand new group with curriculum written and designed by Ps. Misty Benson.   All of our Destiny Groups have 4 main objectives:  1.  Connect deeply as family  2.  Disciple one another  3.  Raise up leaders  4.  Reach our sphere for Jesus!  But this Destiny Group takes on an additional focus.  FREEDOM!  Find out below how we accomplish these objectives. 

Freedom group


@ 6:30pm 

@ the Arwood home

Beginning January 25th

We are excited about the direction of the Freedom Group.  This year we will start with a Bible study digging into the believer's identity.  Since we are children of God, we will also touch on aspects of God's identity, since a father always passes down his likeness to his children. 


After establishing our biblical identity, we will go through the KYLO workbook (powerful versus powerless [victim] mindsets, relationships and healthy boundaries),  in an effort to continue to solidify this material and establish it in a deep place in our hearts. 


As we continue to grow our identity and the biblical mindsets as children of God (favored, righteous, ambassadors, powerful, etc) our intention and belief is that we also grow in reaching our spheres for Christ.  In this group, we believe you will gain freedom from negative self-protections (and life being about ourselves), and grow in seeing the harvest all around you.   We believe you will be equipped to be powerful and intentional to step out in bold love, like our Father, to serve and reach people.

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