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Legs in Jeans

Destiny Group

Thanks for clicking!  We are excited about what the Lord is going to do with this group this year.  We have 4 main objectives:  1.  Connect deeply as family  2.  Disciple one another  3.  Raise up leaders.  4.  Reach our sphere for Jesus!  Find out below how we accomplish those four objectives with this group.  

Introverts on mission

Bruce & Orri are such a treasure to Harvest.  They not only have a huge love for Jesus, but also come with tons of experience, great biblical knowledge, and a fire to see the lost saved.  In this group you will connect as family while engaging with one another over Ben William's book "Activating Introverts in Evangelism".  If you are looking to go deep with a fantastic group of people and need a little help overcoming insecurity or awkwardness in sharing your faith, this is the group for you.  

Beginning:  January 17th

Meeting time:  Wednesdays 6:30-8:00

Meeting Place:  The Shannon home

Cost:  $14/person for the Activating Introverts book



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